Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday WIPs

What's up Wednesday!  Another sunny (albeit cold) day in Ohio.  And I gots me some WIPs to share!  Actually one.  And it's that dreaded blanket.  Yes, the blanket.  Oh the blanket.  But hey, it's at least going somewhere:

And we're getting low on yarn and I promised myself when these two giant skeins are gone I'm done.

BUT, I finished that sparkly lime green cowl I was making.  LOOKIT!!

I love it!  Here's a close look at the stitches.  (not a good representation of color)

It's a Tunisian stitch that I do not know the name of.  It's #36 from the book 101 Tunisian Stitches.  Good book, but I'm frustrated they did not give the names of the stitches.  Just numbers.  Meh, still a good source for different stitches to try.

Also, I've started working on my God-awful handwriting.  Some folks in the internet world set up a cool challenge last month that is continuing this month, using the hashtag #rockyourhandwriting.  Here are the prompts for this month if you're curious.

I'm doing this month and last month's prompts.  I write so many letters anymore and feel terrible for my penpals having to decipher my scribble.

I guess that's about it for me.  Hope everyone else is well.  What's new in your world?

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