Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Five!!

It's Friday and a fracking beautiful morning. I woke up to this view:

Not the best picture, but the world was so still and quiet.  Here's a better one from my neighborhood


Ok well enough of that.  It's Friday so it's time for a list!  This week's list on my usual source is not the greatest, but I think it will do.

Friday Five!!

1) What's the good news?
Uh, it's Friday.  :D  Also, I'm having my taxes done tomorrow.  Try to contain yourselves.

2) When did you last take 5 and how did you spend it?
This morning after my workout.  I spent it sipping coffee and looking out the window at the amazing view wile the world was still quiet and asleep.  Those are my favorite moments.

3) Who's a big hunk?
My love for Ewan McGregor will never die. Ever.  Those eyes.  That smile.  The accent.  And oh my sweet Lord in heaven can the man sing.  Um, I need to go be alone for a minute.

4) In what way as this week been a rocky road?
Work.  Work has been insane as we are trying to tuck in the last little bit of the massive merger.  It's boring and I won't bore you with work crap, but my goodness I'm ready for a weekend.

5) What's something you're keeping Skor on?
I swear to everything that's how it was worded on the site.  Skor.  I'm pretty sure that's a candy bar.  I've Googled "keeping Skor" and come up empty.  So to answer the question, I'm keeping Skor on the shelf at the grocery store.  I'm not big on candy bars in general.

Ok I think that's about it.

Got any hot plans for the weekend?

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