Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weird Wednesday WIPs!

Why is is weird you ask?  Weird day.  I took the day off from work to redeem a certificate I got as a gift for Christmas for house cleaning services.  I'm kinda picky about things in my home and awkward around strangers.  Now there is a crew of strangers cleaning my house.  But.... someone else is cleaning my house for me!!!  And probably doing a way better job than I ever would.  I mean, I'm not a bad housekeeper, but I'm far from professional.  And lord knows after an hour or two I'm tired and done with the whole cleaning thing so I rarely get the whole house done.

Anyway, WIPs!  I have 3, count 'em; 3 WIPs!!

There's the blanket, but I haven't touched it in the last week.  (I know, surprise surprise)

But there is that cowl I mentioned last week that I wasn't sure about.  Here it is:

Kinda clown barfy right?  Eh.  We'll see how it goes.  I have two balls of that yarn.  But it's kind of on hiatus while I work on this next one:

I'm making a cowl for myself from yarn I got in a gift swap on Ravelry.  It's my favorite color and has flower shaped sequins.  SEQUINS!!!

I'm doing a Tunisian stitch that I don't know the name of.  Heh.  But it's pretty!

So that's about it for me right now.  Happy to finally have some hookey time again.  While playing hooky form work, hah!  Hope everyone is well, much love!!

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