Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday WIPs

So, I maybe added one or two rows onto the blanket so I did not take a picture.  Although in hindsight I should have.  Oh well.  Next week.

I got the yarn in my WIP bag with a hook for another project but I'm still debating making it at all.  I'm not sold on the yarn.  It was given to me in a swap, and it's cute, but it's meant for socks and doesn't work up well for other things, like the cowl I'm intending.  I haven't really had a chance to get much hooky time in recently anyway.  So we'll see.  I get a few rows on and see what it looks like.

What else is going on?  My improv troupe has our annual Valentine's show opening this weekend, Date Night.  Super fun and audiences seem to love it.  We bring a couple up and interview them a bit about their relationship; where they met, what they do for fun, where their first date was, etc etc.    Then we reenact their entire relationship as best we can.  Naturally we make it a bit weird and the couple loves it!!

And just so you're not without a photo this week, we took some really fun promo photos in our pajamas.  Here's mine.  :D

That's about it for me I guess.  I hope everyone else is well.  Much love!!

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