Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five!

It's Friday one again and a very nice one at that.  The sun is shining, and the universe seems to be calming after what appeared to be a week long hissy fit.  (Was it just me? )

I got a rare treat today as well.  So as you probably know, I work in a high rise downtown and once a day or so I try to walk up the stairs to the top.  a) To get away from my desk for a minute and b) to get a few extra minutes of exercise a day.  So today I get to the top and run into a couple of maintenance guys.  They all know me and like me pretty well so they offered to let me out onto the roof for a minute.  MAN was that awesome!  Windy and cold but so, SO worth it!!!

So on to the list.  My usual source had some decent questions so I'll go with those.  So let's get on with it already!

Sensical Friday Five

1) How would you describe your sense of direction?
Off and on.  I have lived in Columbus my entire life and I still get lost sometimes.  It's kinda pathetic really.  But if I'm walking or driving somewhere I've never been I can almost always find my way back without assistance.  I can usually keep tabs on which way is North, East, etc.

2) Who's sense of humor is most like yours?
Oh jeez.  I'd like to think mine is very unique.  But if I had to pick a comedian, I'd have to go with Sarah Silverman.  Offensive with no apology and a slight sense of innocence about it.

3) What film's or novel's sense of place really impressed you?
Um, what?

4) When did you most recently and accurately sense danger?
Last night.  I just KNEW that unseen dragon spirit was out to get me and when it tried to shut me in the closet while I was getting a Ziploc bag off the top shelf fr all my extra paper clips....  wait, that was a dream.  God my dreams are weird.

5) How would you describe the scent of your car's interior?
Umm.... like a 14 year old car.  I don't think that it smells like anything.  Well when I run the dashboard fans it kind of smells like mold.  I'm sure that's safe.  Right?

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend planned.  Do something fun!!  I am sadly quite busy this weekend, but fully intend to enjoy tonight.    Much love.

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