Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Five!

Wow, Friday again already?!  I'll take it.  Sheesh what a week.  But we're almost done.  And apparently a good part of the country is about get HAMMERED with snow.  Hope folks are prepared for a weekend indoors!  Get some wine, Netflix, your favorite blanket and snuggle up.

My usual source had some deep questions today.  Why not?

It's All About Balance Friday Five:

1) When opposing forces in your life pull you in different directions, how do you recenter yourself and find balance?
Oy does this happen a lot.  I'll be honest, sometimes my reaction is complete and utter freak out, then shut down.  It's not healthy or productive, but after about a day of flippin' my crap then shutting down I feel oddly better and able to focus.  I allow myself to feel the feels and move on after that.  So I don't think it's totally bad, but I need to recenter myself quicker sometimes.  I don't always have the luxury of having a day to reset.  Sometimes, at work, if I'm about to burst I get up from my desk and climb the stairs to the top of my building (floor 35) then sit quietly just looking at the wall and listening to my breathing slow down and feel my heart rate slow.  Then I walk back down.  That helps immensely.

2) What are often the greatest threats to your overall balance?
Uh, life?  Isn't that true of everyone?  It comes at us from all sides all day long.

3) If you could add just a little more of one thing to your life and have a little less of another, what would they be?
I think I would answer this the same as anyone.  More time, less stress.  But if we're going to be realistic I'd say more focus (which I'm working on) and less self-loathing (which I'm also working on).

4) What are pluses and minuses of hanging out with mercurial people, and what are pluses and minuses of hanging out with even-keeled people?  Which tend to populate your social groups most?
Huh.  That's a brain bender.  My social circles include both really.  For someone like me, textbook introvert, Mercurial people tend to wear me out quickly.  I have lots of friends like this and I adore them greatly, but after a night with them I need some time to myself to kind of reset.  I get emotionally drained quickly and I really need to be in the right frame of mind ahead of time.  Please don't misunderstand me I'm not saying "Oy my friends EXHAUST me!" That makes is sound like I don't want to be around them.  I do!  It challenges me and keeps me from drawing too far inside myself.  They honestly balance me.  Plus they're fun as heck and I love them all so much.

5) What's your greatest challenge in maintaining a balanced diet?
The world.  Honestly, at the risk of sounding like a royal jerk; mostly people all around me.  Not everyone has the same diet as me, and that's fine!  But when my co-workers are constantly bringing in donuts and cookies, and all my friends want me to try this new restaurant (and there is always a new restaurant) it's very difficult to resist.  Yes, I recognize that's on me to not eat the donuts or not try the new restaurant but gosh-DANG the temptation.  Food is hard to resist for me.  I can usually do it, but some days that donut looks like a gift from the heavens and I would be refusing GOD HIMSELF if I walked away.

Whew!  That was quite a list there.  Hope you're still with me after all that.  I'm hoping to have some cool stuff to share coming soon.  Thanks for stopping by my little blog.  Hope everyone is well, much love!

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