Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five

It's Friday once again.  It's been a long week, too but we're almost there.

My usual source doesn't have a very exciting list so I'm using a random question generator for today's list. So let's see what we get on today's:

Totally Random Friday Five!

1)  Have you ever been to the Emergency Room?  What for?
A couple times.  Most recently a couple October's ago I tried to take off a finger with the hedge trimmer.  Ugh.  That was not pretty.  Prior to that, back in 2003 I was in and out of a couple before someone finally realized I was actually very sick.  I had an infection that left me hospitalized for a week.

2)  If you could acquire any skill, what would it be?
Something utterly useless but fun.  Like playing the accordion or being a better whistler.  I mean sure I could pick something lucrative, but YAWN.  I guess it would be kind of nice to be able to do basic math without a calculator.  Seriously, that part of my brain is apparently gone.  I can't add 2 digit numbers unaided.  I mean I can but don't expect an answer in under 5 minutes.

3)  Is it better to work at a job that you love, or a job that pays well?
Really?  Ask a hippie this question?  The former.  Money does not buy happiness.  Period.  Happiness buys happiness.

4)  What position do you usually sleep in?
On my stomach.  This is very likely why my neck hurts all the time.  I'm flat on my stomach with my head turned to one side, no pillow.  I've tried to change positions to help the neck issues; and I'll fall asleep ok, but I wake up on my stomach with my pillows pushed away every time.

5) If you were he opposite gender for one day what would you do?
Make more money for my same job.  Yeah I went there.

I guess that's it for my list.  Feel free to answer these on your blog, or in my comments.  Happy weekend, much love!!!

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