Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Five!!!

It's been a hot minute since I've done one of these so I figured it was about time!!

So without further excuses or blah-blahs, here is today's

Totally Random Friday Five!*

1) What animal not normally ridden by humans looks like it would be really fun to ride?
Ostrich.  Although I've seen people ride them before.  But it's not typical.  They just move so fast and free!  I'm sure they'd hate it though so I'll never attempt it.

2)  What food have you always wanted to try, but still haven't?
Real sushi.  And I never will because I will die.  Or if by some miracle survive may have irreversible brain damage from Anaphyaxis.  But I am super curious.

3) What's stuck to your refrigerator door?
Not a single thing.  I even just cleaned it off the other night, so probably no dirt either.  The doors themselves are not magnetic and I'm not taping anything there.  I prefer my fridge cleaned off. Those random notes you typically see on a fridge I keep taped inside a cupboard door.  I DO have magnetic poetry on the side of the fridge though.  Good fun for parties.

4)  Assuming your food and water were taken care of, how do you think you'd do if you had to live houseless for a year?
Just fine.  I love camping already so I'm cool living outdoors.  Now this is assuming I could go a bit south in the deep winter.  If I had to stay put, I'd probably still survive, but I'd be pretty miserable.

5)  What geographical location that is not alerady a person's name (that you know of) would make a pretty good first name for someone?
Decatur.  But it sounds like Dakota.  Medina.  (City here in Ohio we pronounce meh-Dine-uh.)

Gosh that's it for my list I guess.  I hope, if anyone is still even coming to my humble blog, that you are well.


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