Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Five!

I felt the urge to do one of these today, but neither of my usual sources had a list that spoke to me.  So I'm going to do a random list from the Random Question Generator and see what I get!
So let's see where we go in today's:

Totally Random Friday Five!

1) What is the one thing you cannot live without?
Love.  Hokey answer I know, but love.  Thankfully I know there will always be someone who loves me and I will never stop loving my family so I don't think this will be something I have to deal with.

2) What is the longest you've gone without sleep?
A weekend.  I've gone a couple times to the Sci-Fi Movie Marathon up at Case Western in Cleveland.  I successfully made the entire weekend without sleep.  I think at one point I went to a corner and laid down but couldn't sleep anyway.

3) What's in your fridge?
A ton of veggies, some hummus, about 10 eggs, and a couple bottles of salad dressing.  I think that's it.  We have a massive fridge that seems silly given our usual sad lack of food in the house.

4) If you could invent a holiday, what would it be?
National Nap Day!!!  Everyone is encouraged to stay home and by lazy for a day.  Just enjoy spending time with your family and be lazy together.  Then again, I guess that's Thanksgiving.

5) Who was the last person you called or texted?
Mom.  She and dad are off this morning on a trip with their Harley group, so I wished them safe travels and sent my love.

I hope everyone is well, much love!

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