Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Five!!!!

Holy cow everyone I'm back for a Friday Five!  WHEE!!!!  It's Friday, it's hotter than the pits of hell so I'm grumpy, but it's almost the weekend.   Seriously, spring apparently decided not to hit Ohio this year and we went right into the awfulness that is summer.  It's been miserable most of the week, my poor A/C is already getting a workout.  But enough of that, let's move on to today's list, shall we?

Today's list came from my usual source and there is a lot to choose from since I haven't done one of these in awhile.

Oh Baby Friday Five!!

1)  How do you feel about the smell of babies?
I will never understand that "baby smell" thing.  They always smell like sour milk and vomit to me.  Or soiled diapers.  I know baby powder smells nice, but it's not a smell I particularly care for either.  So, I guess the smell of babies if quite repulsive to me.  (I'll go on record as saying I'm not a baby person.  Nope.  Not a fan.)

2) Pretty much all baby animals are cute, but which are the cutest?
Oh man this is tough.  I mean kittens for sure are cuter than just about anything, but then there are baby koalas.  And baby otters.  And baby sloths.  And my head just exploded from cute.

3) Veggies are pretty good in their adult form, but put the word "baby" in front of their names and they can be transcendent.  Which baby veggies do you particularly love?
Transcendent?  That's a bit extreme, don't ya think?  Anyway I eat a lot of baby carrots.  I'm not too familiar with baby anything else.  However, I do feel incredibly guilty eating baby carrots, they waste SO much food making them.  If you were not already aware, they only get one baby carrot from a full sized one.  So hold up a normal carrot, and then a baby carrot.  Look at how much is wasted.  Now that said, I still eat them nearly every day with hummus for lunch.  Mmmmmm.....

4) How cute a baby were you?
Meh.  No cuter than any other.  I mean; not a baby person here so I look at baby photos of myself and I look no different than any other baby.  I dunno, you tell me:

No idea what I'm laughing at, but my brother was probably involved somehow.

5) How many songs in your digital library have the word "baby" in their title and which is your favorite?
Well I just searched "baby" in my Google Play library and came up with 10 songs.  Of that list my favorite would be either "Lady's Baby" by the Monkees or "I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail" by the Everly Brothers.  Ah, the Every Brothers.  

So there ya go!  I'm hoping to have more things to post in upcoming weeks.  Sorry for the drop-off there.  I've been fighting off a bit of depression lately and trying to mentally prepare myself for the insanity this month and next month will be bringing me.  But I hope everyone is well, and enjoying some sun!!  Much love. 


  1. Many babies do have the smells you speak off, I'm not an animal person so baby animals don't do anything for me, don't keep a digital music thingy...pretty much love all veggies.

    Popping round to let everyone know there's a contest!

    sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  2. Today, I'm rounding from Sandy's Space. Thanks for hair compliment.

    Sandy's Space

  3. There is something that babies give off through their heads to make moms, dads, whoever smells their heads love them/want to protect them . A pheromone or something. I'm too tired to go look it up, but I remember reading about it recently.