Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday What's Up?

Man, it's been a minute since I posted.  Sorry.  Things have been a bit nuts, but in a good way!!

I got a sort-of promotion at work.  Really I'm just going from doing 3 jobs down to 1 or 2.  But I've been training my replacement and getting her settled while still doing my 1 to 2 jobs.  And on top of that I've been fighting something or I'm just really tired.  I've been coming home and falling onto the couch and passing out crazy early.  May also have to do with changing my internal schedule a little bit.  I've been getting up a bit earlier so I can workout before work.  It's seriously the best.  I really prefer doing it that way.  It's a struggle to get used to because it's hard to go from asleep to killing myself in a half hour window.  But once I get going I can get my 45-60 minutes in, get ready and get to work and I feel way more awake and energetic that I have been in the mornings.  Plus when I get home, I don't have to worry about losing an hour of my evening.  And if I want to go somewhere right after work, I don't have that conflict of "how can I get my workout in tonight?"  Regardless it's been tiring, but really great thus far.

Anyway.... as far as crafting goes, I've set most of my projects aside for a minute to get the prototype for my next new design finished.  I'm super close.  I'm hoping to have it done by this weekend.  I'm not saying what it is just yet, it's a special surprise.  So stay tuned for that.

Gosh, outside of all that nothing else really new here.  That's enough though, isn't it?  Whew.

I'll make sure I do my Friday Five list in a couple days and as soon as my super secret new design is ready I'll post it.

Until then, I hope everyone is well and SO much love!!!

And just so I don't leave you photo-less, here's a page from my journal.  ;)

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