Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five!!!

Wow, this has been a BUSY week.  But it's nearly done and then it's weekend time!!  But before we can get to a weekend, we need to get to a list, right?  RIGHT?!  Boom, so let's dive right in to today's...

Playground Friday Five!!!

1) How confidently could you pick up and employ a jump-rope, hula hoop, yo-yo, set of jacks?
Of that list, a jump rope.  I used to be able to use a Hula Hoop quite well, but I feel like I've tried recently and it did not go well.  I never could yo-yo and never really played jacks before so.... nope.

2)  How are the playgrounds of your childhood different today?
They're safe.  And clean.  No rust spots...hell no metal.  Everything is plastic now.  Yeah safety was kind of minimal when I was a kid.  We weren't all wrapped in bubble wrap.  And our swings were over concrete.  Aw yeah.

3) What is a game you and your childhood friends made up?
Hmmmm.  We played the usual, already known games that remember.  Tag, Ghosts in the Graveyard, Races.... I kind of recall playing "War" with some kids and we pretended to be warring countries, but I couldn't tell you the rules or anything.  We probably just chased each other around with pretend guns and grenades.

4) What fad from your childhood to you remember with fondness or disdain?
Big hair.  With disdain.  First off, thinking of all the crap we sprayed near our eyes and faces to keep it big scares me.  And my hair is and always has been too fine, thin and greasy to ever have a successful big hair-do.  It just lays there all flat and stupid.  Stupid hair.  Don't get my started on 80s workout gear.  *shudder*

5) What playground rhymes do you remember?
"Aaawwwww, I'm teeelllliinnnng on yoooooouuuu.  You stepped on my heart made me fart,  kicked me off the bus made me cuss, put ants in my pants and made me dance to France."  Yeah, we were a classy bunch.  There was also the good ol' Miss Suzy rhymes with the hand claps.  And yes I knew them all and probably still do.

So there ya go.  I hope maybe this drummed up some fun memories for you too.  Feel free to answer any of the lists I post and link to your blog in a reply.  I'd love to read some of yours too!!

Have a super awesome weekend.  Much love!

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