Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday WIPs

Kinda left this post out last week.  Sorry.  Almost didn't write it this week.  I'm having a serious case of the "Why bother with anything ever?" this week.  It's very hard to stay positive when you're beaten down day after day after day.

BUT ANYWAY, you don't care about all that blah blah, you're here for some WIPs, amirite?!

Dude, my Year of Weather scarf is really coming along.  It's gonna take some blocking and breaking in once it's done, but I have a whole year and all.

And looking at this, we've had a lot of sun so far this year!  You wouldn't think it, with how cold it's been, but the scarf don't lie.

Speaking of scarves...

Ta-da!  I was going to do blocks of colors, but I think I might make it all blue with the magenta on the ends.  We'll see, it might look really cool, or really dumb.  But either way it's really squishy and soft.

The blanket sits in the corner, begging for a row or two, and I may comply if I get some time this week if I can stay awake past 9.

That's really it craft-wise.  Life outside of crafts is not really worth talking about right now so... we'll just leave it at that.

I really hope you're all staying warm out there!  Much love!!

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  1. Nikki, I really love your scarves. They both look great. Your are doing a great job.