Thursday, February 12, 2015

Joy from the other side of the world

I just have to share my joy with the world.

It's been a rough year thus far, I've made no secret of that.  A very dear friend of mine is currently studying in Germany and Austria for a few months and we stay connected through Ravelry and the Facebox, so she knows well all the crap that's hit theonlyhousehold.  Being the amazing woman she is, she sent a really large and VERY generous care package to theonlyboyfriend and I all the way from Austria!!

You guys, I put down my tough-guy act for a moment and wept at my desk in sheer gratitude and love.  I'm beyond touched that she did this.

All tucked neatly in there


Candies, chocolate, tea, yarn, etc, etc, etc....  Even a little stein with my favorite composer of all time, Mozart!!!

Chelsea, you ROCK!!!

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