Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five!

Woohoo!  Friday once again.  Got paid, paid bills, broke again.  And the cycle continues.  But that's life, amirite?!

It's been a crazy week; work is exploding, back and forth to Cleveland for my brother, keeping up at home... But in happy news, my brother was released from the hospital yesterday!!  He has to stay in Cleveland for a couple more weeks near the hospital at a hotel until he is more healed and they know his equipment is working properly before he can come all the way home.  Yay for some good news for a change.

Ok, well enough of my blah blahs, lets get on with today's:

Smelly Friday Five!!*

1) What is your favorite smell in nature?
Lily of the Valley.  They are my most favorite flowers and I love being near them, and I could just sit and smell them for hours and hours on end.  Just thinking of them is making me so happy.  It's a shame they only bloom for like a week.

2) What smell makes your nostalgic and why?
Candles.  Plain wax candles.  They make me think of church on Christmas Eve, and visiting the Ohio Historical Village when I was young, where all the building were lit by candles and oil lamps.  And birthdays.  Candles really transport me back.  Every time.

3) What small makes you happy?
Clean linen.  That fresh clean smell.  I have these wax tarts and candles from Glade called Clean Linen.  Anything that smells like that just makes me smile and so feel so happy inside.

4) What do the seasons smell of?
Spring: Rain.  Clean.  Fresh.  Roses.
Summer: Smog.  Sweat.  Wet.  It's like breathing soup.
Fall: Leaves.  Rain.  Campfires.
Winter: Snow.  Salt.

5) What is the last thing you actively remember smelling?
My coffee sitting next to me right now.  Mmmm, coffee.

That was a fun list, I really enjoyed that one.

Happy weekend, I hope everyone is well ans has some fun things to get into this weekend!!!  Much love.

Different source for questions this week.  Got them from old school LJ!

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