Thursday, January 1, 2015

Obligatory New Years Post

Seems like everyone does a year end recap/happy new year post.  I'm not exactly sure what to say about mine.  2014 was the year of lazy.  My goodness, for as much as I got accomplished I sure was lazy this past year.

I'm not much on the New Years Resolutions, I try to make positive changes to my life all year round and start when I'm ready.  But it is a good time to reflect on what one has accomplished and what is still left.

I began my decluttering journey towards minimalism and made a bit of progress.  A ways to go yet for sure, but the basic changes to lifestyle and manner of thinking has changed.  And that's the hardest part.

We're having a lazy New Year's Day at theonlyhousehold.  We started the Lord of the Rings trilogy at noon and we're watching them all!  That's about all we have planned for the day.  I hope everyone else had a safe and very happy New Year.  Here's looking forward to a year of happiness, love and self-improvement!!

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  1. Lazy isn't exactly bad... of course, I doubt you were that lazy! ;)