Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five!

Another week gone by.  Hard to believe the week started with a funeral.  Work is insane right now and I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things, so I haven't had much free time for things like blogging and sleeping.  You know.  But, I found a few minutes here to get my list in for Friday.  I got it from My usual source and it seemed easy enough.  So let's get right into it, shall we?

Inflated Friday Five

1) What are your thoughts on balloons?
Not a fan.  They look pretty and all, but I really hate being startled more than anything else and balloons are just ticking time bombs of startle.  Right?

2)What has anyone said recently to inflate your ego?
I've been told a few times at work that I'm completely un-replaceable.  (I got a kind of, sort of promotion and they're trying to fill my position)  I feel for whoever has to take over my job.  Oy.

3) What's something that recently let the wind out of your sails?
Theonlyboyfriend's mom passing.  That seriously took all out breath out for awhile.  Sudden death does that, I think.

4) What inflatable items do you have in your home?
We have an air mattress we use for camping stored away in the basement.  Nothing else really.  I have a cat so....yeah.  That'd be asking for trouble.

5) What's something who's price has been a surprise?
The question did not specify good or bad surprise.  Putting theonlyboyfriend on a plane last week, one way, cost WAY more than it should have.  There are a few reasons we never fly anywhere and that's a big one.

There ya have it.  Nothing to earth shattering, but at least I got something in!  Now for a glass of wine and going to bed way too early for a Friday night.  I hope everyone is well.  Much love!!

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