Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five!

It's been a minute since I've done one of these, and I need a 5 minute break form everything that has been going on here lately.  Oddly enough My usual source has a list with a topic near and dear to my heart, so hopefully this should be relatively easy.  Let's dive right into today's....

Homey Friday Five!

1) What is your approach to dealing with (Or preventing) clutter?
Well first and foremost the "one in one out" rule.  Anytime I get something new in the house, something goes.  If I'm looking to really declutter, one in, two out.  Example; I got a new winter coat for Christmas. Soon as it went into the closet, one went into the donation pile.  Also, I put things away immediately.  I never leave stuff laying around saying I'll put it back later.  Ever.  It takes 3 seconds and saves a ton of grief later on.  And I spend about 5 minutes every day straightening things up.  5 minutes, that's it.

2) What kind of (tangible) things do you seem to have an unreasonable time letting go of?
Hmmmm.  I dunno.  I'm not very sentimental with things so I can usually get rid of stuff easily.  Maybe clothing.  I seem to have a hard time letting go of clothes, even stuff I barely wear.  I've gotten better with it though.

3) If you could start completely over with your existing living space (and money were only a slight limitation), how would you make it more suited to you and your lifestyle?
Good lord that's a weird and difficult question.  Hmmm.  More comfy furniture?  Gosh I feel like everything at home is just how we want it.

4) How many standalone kitchen appliances do you own and how many do you use regularly?
Very little, and even less.  The coffee pot is the only thing that gets daily use.  Everything else is just as needed.  I think the George Foreman grill is the second in line for most use.  We're not big chefs at our house.

5) What does your current living space really need more of?
Cats. Hah.  Nah, we're good with the one.  She's the size of about 3 cats anyway. Like I said in #3, we seem to be very happy with our home at this time.  We do say we should host more gatherings though.  So we could certainly have more friends about.

Ok I guess that's about it for today's list.  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend ahead of them.  Mine will be.... well travelling and then a funeral so...yeah.  I love each and every one of you dear readers.  Much love!

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