Saturday, December 27, 2014

A new project for 2015

I have a pretty cool little project I plan to start for 2015 and I am SUPER excited!!  I'm calling it The Year of Weather Scarf!

I've seen folks make similar items as blankets or shawls, etc.  Sometimes with temperatures, sometimes with sky views.  But I'm going with weather.  Basically I ass one row to the scarf every day, in a certain color I have chosen to match the weather of that day.  Yellow for sunny, blue for rain, white for snow, etc.  Here's what I'm using:

I need to do a gauge swatch to see what stitch I'll use and to ensure the scarf won't be 12 feet long. 

So anyway, there it is!  It may end up being kinda lame, but I'm excited to at least take this on for sure.  I'll update throughout the year as I can.  

How has everyone's holiday season been shaping up so far?!  Ir's been so nice here.  Spending time with my family, laying around in PJ's all day... ahhhhh.  This is my kind of vacation!!  I hope everyone is well and at least finding some nice moments to relax when you can.  Much love!!!

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