Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday Wah

I missed my Stitch Group Monday and got practically nothing done over the last weekend.  I had some awful sinus thing that knocked me right on my butt for a couple days.  I spent a good part of Sunday sleeping.  Unfortunately I absolutely HAD to go to work this week, or else I probably would have spent Monday in bed too.  Bleh.

So not a whole lot to report.  No crocheting done at all.  :(  I did get some very light cleaning and purging done, but that's about it.

Sorry, not much else to say today, but I'm hoping to get more done this weekend.  I'm pretty wiped out tonight, but I have nothing planned for the rest of the week and weekend so I should be able to get into some fun projects.  :)

Hope everyone is well!  Much love.


  1. Oh Nikki the sinus crud hit you too?!? Hope you are feeling much better now and you get lots of work done on your projects.