Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday WIPs

Not a lot done this past week, with taking care of the cat, getting in my abbreviated camping trip.  I DID get down to the campground for a day and a half and kept my mind occupied while kitty was at the vet.  Much needed R&R albeit brief.  And look at these views:

But, lest this be a WIPless Wednesday, I have gotten a bit of work in on my obnoxious yellow scarf:

That right there is a terrible, terrible photo.You're welcome.

So anyway that's really it for me right now.  Taking theonlycat in to her vet appointment today to get some new drugs to stimulate her appetite and get some fluids in her.  Man, I NEVER thought the day would come I'd be begging her to eat something.  I hope everyone else is well.  Much love!!


  1. Gr. My comment was just lost in Internet limbo.

    Beautiful pictures!

    I hope kitty continues to recover. She certainly found a loving cat-mom when she found you.

    1. Thanks! We just had our second round of IV fluids at home tonight and she did so well.

  2. I'm glad - I know you said she's still losing weight, though. :(