Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Challenge!

Tomorrow is October 1st and day one of my October Challenge!!  Well sort of.  Maybe.  Let me explain.

So I've been really unsure of what to do, but I was just DYING for some kind of challenge.  Purging more items seemed enticing, but unrealistic.  Regardless, I decided to try something else.  * Gulp*  I'm going to attempt to do 10 small/medium house projects in the month of October.  Tick off those things that have been nagging me for months/years.  This does not include any basic cleaning, but if I decide to shampoo the carpets or power wash the deck, that should count.  

So it's not all that exciting, but I'll be glad to get some things done finally.  I know 10 doesn't seem like a lot either, but I think it's attainable, and if I do 15, then all the better!!!

So let's see how the month goes.  Anyone else up do do something similar?

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