Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Five!

Ok, since I want to get back here, I guess I'd better do it then, huh?  Nothing better to get my writing juices flowing than a good ol' Friday Five!!  And I have a nice one lined up for today.

So let's get on with it already, right?!!!

The "This Week" Friday Five!

1) What is the song/tune that is stuck in your head today?
Oh man, I have a new found obsession with a French music artist. And this week, this one song of his...I can't get it out of my head.  I'll just share the video with you.

One of my favorite musical groups, Pentatonix, covered this song on their newest album and I'd never heard this original so I looked it up.  His music is amazing and I'm hooked.  I bought one of his albums last night.  (Listening to it again right now.)  And the dancing in this video.  Oh the dancing. My heart zooms

2) What strange thing happened this week?
I posted this on my Facebox, so if you're "friends" with me you read this.  If not I'll just copy and paste my post here:
I'm riding my bike home and see up ahead what I think to be a large gym bag or a pile of blankets in the middle of the road. I figure I'll at least move it off to the side of the road. When I get up to it, it's not an it. It's a man having a seizure. In the middle of the road. I jumped off my bike and did my best to hold his head to keep it from banging on the road and just started shrieking for help. Thankfully of all places for this man to have a seizure he did it right in front of Grant Hospital. Someone pulled up after about 15 seconds and blocked traffic for me and ran inside for help. A gurney was out within maybe a minute and a half of me finding him. Here's the kicker, I don't usually go that way home on my bike. There was more traffic than usual on 3rd today. Either way I was shaking to hard to get back on the bike for awhile.

3) What good thing?
The weather has finally been much better.  I was able to get the bike back out and ride to work this week.  I could sleep with the windows open.  I only had to turn the AC on at home once!  It's finally fall!!!  I even got to break out the crocheted scarves and cowls.  YAAAAAYYY!!!!

4) What happy thing?
I got to spend a lovely evening with my other half.  We went on a trip to a town outside the city, had a fantastic meal and saw a show.  The show was.... well it was nice to be with my honey for a night. 

5) Anything memorable happen?  What was it?
Not yet, but it will tomorrow!  A couple of our friends are getting married.  I am super excited for them and super excited for the wedding.  I cannot tell you how much I love weddings.  You get to dress up, everyone is happy, there's dancing and free booze and food.... * sigh*

So there ya go!  My list for the week and hopefully a triumphant return after a crap-tastic summer of probably the worst season depression is years.  I'll keep you updated on my October Challenge.  Much love!

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