Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Long Overdue Friday Five

Yeah.  I know.  I KNOW!!!  I don't know if it's the summer blues, lethargy, work being so crazy, or just straight up laziness.  But I just haven't been feeling blogging.  :(  And for that I apologize. It's like it didn't even dawn on my I haven't posted until like 3 weeks went by.  Geh.  Well, I'm here now and have a fun little five list for today.  Seemed appropriate since we'll be taking a road trip before too long.  So without further ado, here is today's:

Driven Friday Five!

1)  What kind of vehicle do you currently drive?  Any ornaments?
Oh baby, I am one classy lady in my Chrysler Concorde.  Aw yeah.  It's a great big boat of an old man car but it is SO comfy.  I have a couple crocheted YipYip aliens hanging from the rear view mirror, but that's about it.  My other vehicle is an old, old Trek bike.  :D  I used that today, actually.

2)  What are some of your favorite things about your vehicle?
Heated seats.  And the biggest trunk.... it's like the Tardis, it really is bigger on the inside.  Shockingly roomy.

3)  What do you dislike about your vehicle?
It gets pretty poor gas mileage.  And it's a boat.  I can parallel park it, but it's cumbersome.  and it's not very zippy.  Or very "me".

4)  What is your fondest memory involving your vehicle?
Probably getting the keys.  My dad gave me this car, and it is by far the nicest car I've ever owned.  I almost felt unworthy of it for the first couple of months.  I felt like a friggin queen driving my big old man car around.

5)  What's something you've never done with your vehicle that you'd like to?
Make it an art car.  That can pretty much guarantee I could never sell it so I've never had the nerve to go through with it.  But I would LOVE to make and have my own art car.

Ok, well there you have it.  A post how many weeks in the making?  Heh.  I can't promise I'll get better on the blogging, but I'll definitely make an effort.  Thanks to the few that check in here.  :)  Much love!!

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