Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday WIPs

Not much to report today.  I started a hat for charity.  It's....a hat.  It's really not all that exciting.  I have some skeins of acrylic I got from my mom so I'm gonna try to crank out some scarves and hats for the charity I usually donate to.

Outside of that I've been reading a lot and not really doing much else.

I did get an amazing gift from a co-worker though.  She has a friend who works for JoAnn Fabrics, and every once in awhile they have a big employee sale at the warehouse, where employees can get discontinued and leftover items for pennies.  (Like, fill a bag for $5 kind of thing)  She came back with several bags and gave a couple to my co-worker who in turn gave a bag to me.  I am pretty excited at this haul!!

There's scrapbook paper, project life cards, stickers, some pinking shears and a few trinkets.  I've been drying to get some card stock like what's in there for making planners and journals.  I'm not much on scrapbooking, but I can make stationary for my pen pal, and journals and all kinds of fun stuff with this!!  I love it!

Sorry this is brief, there's just not a lot going for me right now.  And I've been feeling pretty blarg.

Hope everyone is well.  Much love!!

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