Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Tree of (our) Life

Ok, remember how I said I was hoping I'd have something really cool to share?  I do!  I finished a quick project that's been on my mind for some time.

Upstairs at our house we don't really have a hallway, because the house is small-ish and instead of having a long hallway and smaller rooms, there's just a landing and the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom.  When you walk up the stairs though you're face to face with a big, blank wall.  Since we moved in we thought that was a perfect place for one big piece of artwork.  We searched high and low for a painting that was big enough, not terribly expensive, and very "us."  We came up dry.  Finally I thought, let's just paint something directly on the wall!  Then I was looking at one of my most favorite smaller paintings we have downstairs and thought I'd recreate it and modify it a bit.  The painting is called "The Tree of Life."  Here it is:

And I pencil drew it on the wall upstairs and painted it in yesterday.  Ta-da!!!

My idea is we buy a bunch of small pictures frames and fill them with photos of friends and family and our trips together so it's the tree of our life.  :)  Cheesy right?  Anyway, there it is!!  I gotta admit I'm pretty proud of it.

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