Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I just read a REALLY good post on one of my favorite blogs and felt the need to share it in case it's not one you typically follow.  It's on the IHeartOrganizing blog.

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Someone left a not-so-nice comment on her blog awhile back about her life and home being "perfect" and how it brings everyone down.  This irritated me for a lot of reasons.  I follow this blog closely and yes her photos are VERY well done and make her projects or sections of her house look magazine-ready.  But if this commenter actually READ her blog they'd know her life is just like anyone else's and far from "perfect" whatever perfect may be.

It's easy to look at blogs and photos and Pinterest  pins and see all these perfectly staged photos and think that your house is sub-par and cluttered and messy and ugly.  But if you put things in perspective for a minute... what's just beyond the edges of that photo?  Very possibly a pile of dirty clothes as tall as you.  Or an overflowing garbage can.  Maybe they had a rotted basket of fruit on the counter earlier and the place smells to high heavens.

I love looking at photos and reading blogs about home organizing and things like that and gain some really cool ideas from them.  But I have NO notions of having a magazine-ready home.  My home is lovely.  Yes, somehow no mater how many times I pick them up there seems to ALWAYS be socks laying around.  Piles of mail and receipts fill the kitchen table.  But when friends come over I get compliments all the time on how charming our house is.  And outside of all of that, we love our house and are so happy there.  Socks and receipts and all.  And that is all that matters to me.

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