Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Five!!!

It's another gorgeous Friday once again and time for a 5!  The Worst Place on Earth will be open pretty soon and today's list from my usual source seemed appropriate.  (For those of you who don't know me personally, the Worst Place on Earth is the Ohio State Fair.  I have no words.  It's just.... beyond awful)

So without further ado here is today's:

All's Fair, Friday Five!!

1) How do you feel about carnival rides?
Well, I enjoy rides, quite a bit.  Carnival rides tend to scare me a little though because I've watched them put together and know full well they are not required to meet any form of safety standards.  So.... I'll ride them if I'm feeling brave knowing full well of my chance of being flung to my death.  Statistically not a lot higher than the probability of my being hit and killed by a car on my way to or from work, though.

2) How do you feel about carnival games?
I know full well they're usually rigged, but it's all about having fun.  And they're fun!  And sometimes after spending $20 on games you get a plastic whistle to annoy your friends with. :)  Seriously I play them sometimes, with no intention of winning.  Just fun.  I love the ones with the water guns you aim into the clowns mouth.  I don't know why, but those are so fun.

3)  What's your favorite carnival food?
Walking tacos.  Because tacos.  And I don't eat fried things so that pretty well rules out every other carnival food there is.  (I'm not a snob, I love fried things, but my digestive system does not, and I just cannot eat them.  Let's leave it at that.)

4) What animals do you look forward to seeing at the fair?
Well, I'll put aside my long rant on the treatment of most carnival and circus animals and pretend we're talking about well cared for animals at local fairs brought in my loving farmers who treat their animals like children.  ALPACAS!!!  Oh my god if I could have one of my own....  Alpacas.

5) How much does it cost to ride the bus on your city?
I had to look this up, I genuinely have NO idea.  It's $2 local, $2.75 for express.  I've lived in this city my entire life and have yet to step on a bus here.  Our bus system in Columbus is completely jacked up.  Were it like more large cities I'd gleefully take the bus all the time.  But it's not.  The places I need to go, taking the bus would take me 4 times as long as it would take me to just walk there.  The places I want to go, don't have buses that go there, so it's pretty useless for me.  I once worked across town from where I lived and thought about taking the bus.  I looked up the route and it would require 3 transfers and take 3.5 hours.  Yeah.

Wow, this list made me sound a little snobby, I really did not intend that!  And if any of my readers are fans of the state fair here; my apologies.  There are 3 things I really don't tolerate well; heat, crowds and noise.  And that's all the fair is.  It's generally 112 degrees and wall to wall people.  And the smell of that place makes me sick.  Frying things mixed with animal smell.  It sticks to you.  I cannot shower enough to get that smell off.  Anyway, I don't doubt it loads of fun for most people, but I'd rather be anywhere but there.

I hope everyone has a super fun weekend planned.  Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I'll have something kinda cool to share with you.  I'm working on a little project at home that I'm super excited about!!  Much love!!

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