Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday WIPs

I can only say one thing today.  Cabaret.  It's just a couple days away now so that is stealing most of my focus.  And this week is Vacation Bible School at my church.  So I work all day, spend most of my evening teaching music to the kiddos, then come home and practice for the show.

So unfortunately I don't really have anything else to share at the moment.  I have lots of plans and schemes for life once this weekend is over.  But the first several days will be filled with joyous sleeping.  So.... yeah.

Sorry that's all I got.  But just so you don't feel too let down, here's a photo of theonlyboyfriend being sneaky

(It's from a show he was in earlier this month)

Thanks for stopping by I'll try to have more in weeks to come!  Much love.

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