Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday WIPs

We're here again.  Wednesday.  Mid week of the hottest week of the year yet, and I am absolutely miserable.  BUT, I'm trying to keep my chin up and keep busy so I don't get too deep into the funk this year.  It's my goal to not let it get to me as bad this year.  I'll certainly allow myself to have day here or there to just lay around, but overall I'm not gonna let life get away from me this summer.  

Anyhoo, we're here for WIPs, right?  

The wedding gift is nearing completion.  And with 3 months to the wedding I am well ahead of schedule.  Still, I'd rather it be done and waiting than be scrambling at the last minute.  I'll get photos up when it's done.  The other two crochet WIPs are hibernating.  The blanket is sitting beside the couch, waiting for some love.  I've thrown some stitches in here and there, but nothing significant.  That Tunisian shawl, *sigh*.  I'm falling out of love with this pattern.  I'm trying too hard to find the "right" pattern for this yarn.  I think it's time to just put the yarn up and wait for something to fall into place with it.  And it will, I'm sure.  

So I've been getting back into journaling.  I mean I had been writing in my journal here and there but with no real focus or consistency.  But I'm getting back into writing every day.  And boy have I!!  I have just been filling page after page after page.  It's feeling really nice.  Who knows if I'll stick with it or not, but for now it's nice.  In light of this, I got out my old journals and labeled them and put them on a shelf in my craft room.  It definitely helps keep me inspired seeing those there.  I've gone back skimmed through some of them.  It was amusing and shocking, fun and heartbreaking all at once.  Definitely things I forgot about, or pushed into deep recesses of my memory.  

Outside of this I'm just gearing up for my cabaret and doing housework.  How are all of you?  I hope the summer is finding my readers well.  So much love!!!

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