Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Whatever

Sorry I'm not very chatty lately.  But things are getting done.

-Getting within the last few rows of the wedding gift.
-We finally got the garbage disposal hooked back up, so I can use BOTH SIDES of my sink finally!!
-The granite backsplash is being installed tomorrow, and my kitchen will finally be done, save from some touch up painting I'm sure will need done.  (I'll post photos, don't you worry!)
-Got the basement straightened up last night and rearranged some things.  It's look better down there all the time!  Still a long way to go yet though.
-We got rid of the carpenter bees that were tearing up our deck, finally.

Outside of that I've been kind of lazy lately.  The S.A.D. seems worse this year.

Sorry I don't have more of an update.  But to make up for it, here's a silly video I took with theonlycat.

I hope everyone is well, much love!!

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