Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five!!

It's Friday once again.  Hotter than crap outside, and gearing up for a big storm.  I stupidly thought it was a good day for yardwork, and nearly passed out twice mowing the lawn.  I took frequent breaks and chugged through about a gallon of water, but jeez!

Anyway, enough of blathering, let's get on with the list!!  Today's five, asked that I go to this random letter generator and get a random letter.  My letter is E.  Ok, here we go!

1) What article of clothing, beginning with this letter, have you never worn?
Elf ears.  E is a hard letter ok?  I'm stretching here.  But I've never worn fake ears of any kind.

2) What book, beginning with that letter, are you looking forward to reading?
I hear the Ender's Gamer series is pretty good.  I can't think of much else that starts with E.

3) What mode of transportation, beginning with that letter, sounds like fun?
Elephant.  I've never ridden on an elephant, but it seems like fun.  Being up that high.  I hear they're pretty fun animals.  Electric cars too.  I've been in one, but never driven one!

4) What form of exercise, beginning with that letter, have you recently engaged in?
Everything.  Hah!  Ok maybe not everything, but I do a pretty wide variety of exercise to keep from getting bored.  Light weights, heavy weights, dance, cardio, kettlebells, balance, etc etc.

5) What fictional character, beginning with that letter, would be good company on a long trip?
I'm torn.  Either Elmer Fudd or Eddard Stark.  I know, two complete opposites.  But Elmer Fudd would be a total crack up, but I can see him getting annoying real quick.  Eddard Stark might not be as "fun" but incredibly useful.  Well until he got his head cut off.

Well that was an....interesting list.  Heh.

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned.  We sure do!  Tomorrow will be 6 years with theonlyboyfriend.  Crazy!  We have some nice things planned for our anniversary.  I'll try to get a post in at the end of the weekend with some pictures.  Until then, much love!!!

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