Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Five!!!

I know I didn't post Wednesday WIPs.  It was a late night, I went to see a performance and didn't get home until late and passed out immediately.  Spring allergies are wiping me out, I'm sleeping a lot.  But I'm here for another installment of Friday Five questions at least!  Woot!

Today's list is kinda deep.  Which I'm not partial to, but I'll do my best.

Who are you?

1)  Who are you?  As in, how do you self-identify, not your name.
Well that specifies things so I can't be the smartass and say "I'm Nikki, duh!"  WAIT!!  I self-identify as a smart ass.  HAH!

2)  Are you, at this age, who you thought you'd be by now as a kid?
No.  I figured I'd be in New York on Broadway by now.  Or at least married with kids  Then I grew up and got a taste of reality.  And it sucks.

3)  If you could change one aspect if who you are, what would it be?
My horrific self-doubt.  I just straight up KNOW I can't do or be anything worthwhile.  I really hate that about myself.  I'm sure I'd be 10 times as successful if I had any confidence whatsoever.

4)  Do you see any of your relatives in yourself?
Some, I guess.  I don't know many of my relatives that closely.  I definitely get my goofy nature from my dad and my stunning good looks from my mom.  :)  My brother and I share some personality quirks that I'd rather not discuss here.  My grandmother on my mom's side was quite the crafter and my grandmother on my dad's side was a fiercely independent woman, and I'd like to think I have those attributes.

5) Who inspires you and why?
I can't pinpoint any one person.  I get inspirations from all over the place.  And it depends on what in me is being inspired.  Different people/things inspire different things.  What keeps me going and pushes me to be a good person?  My parents, theonlyboyfriend, friends.  Lame answer, but it's the truth!

So there I am, all deep 'n stuff.  I hope everyone else is well.  Have a wonderful weekend, much love!!!

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