Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Five!

Friday could not get here soon enough.  And just one more week until my 4 day weekend!!  I can do it!!!

I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned or at least plan to do something fun at some point.  That's what weekends are for, dang it!  Well that and yard work apparently.  * sigh *

Ok well let's just get on with it.  I got my list from a different source today.  My usual site has been running questions lately that I just don't have answers for, or don't fit me.  There was a list here that seemed interesting, so here goes!!

The Blogging Friday Five!

1) What made you chose your blog name?
theonlynikki became my online moniker of sorts after I picked my gmail user name many years ago.  Why I picked that?  No idea.  I remember trying to pick a name and almost every derivation of "Nikki" was taken.  That one was not and it seemed catchy. Plus there was a running joke with another friend named Nikki as to who was "Nikki" and who was "The other Nikki."

2) Do you blog with a reason or just for fun?
Both?  I dunno, I started blogging 16 years ago just for fun.  Then it became a way for family to keep up with the changes in my life (You know, before the Facebox was invented) then it became a way to share my crafting stuff when that became a big part of my life.  I know I'm not totally focused on my blog here, but I tend to stick to home organization and crafting.  Stuff like that.  And of course, my Friday Five lists.  :)

3) If you blog with a reason what is it?
Crap, I kinda answered that in the previous question didn't I?

4) How often do you blog?
Not as often as I'd like.  I try to get my 2 posts in a week at the very least, but I'd love to be doing this at least 4 days a week.  I've had the time lately, but there's that lack of motivation crap I'm going through.

5) Describe your blogging style in 5 words.
Crap.  Ok, ummm.... "creative, fun, crafty, silly, Nikki."  That was kinda lame.  Heh.

Ok well that's it for my list this week.  I'd love to get more posting in this weekend.  I'll be traveling to a wedding tomorrow so I won't be home much, but I can make some notes in the car maybe.  Thankfully I don't have to drive!!  I hope everyone is well.  Much love!

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