Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Five!!!

Friday!!!  We made it.  And this week was exceptionally sucky for a lot of folks around me.  So all the more reason to celebrate.  Woohoo!!!

I looked through a lot of lists this morning and could not find a good one.  I'm grabbing one from Ravelry from a couple weeks back.  Still not the best, but at least it's something!  So without further ado, I bring you today's:

Low-Brow Friday Five

1) Farts are funny, true or false.
Hilarious actually.  But it kind of depends on the circumstances.  There was a rather humiliating incident at work last week that was not so funny.  However, retelling it later to theonlyboyfriend had me cracking up at myself.

2)  Fill in the blanks:  I __________ a __________ and I liked it.
I took a nap and I liked it.  :)

3) What do you have that brings all the boys to your yard?
A rag soaked in ether.

4) Eyebrows.  Pluck, wax, thread, leave alone?
Pluck.  I pick out stray hairs nearly every day.  Although they're definitely less bushy than they were 15 years ago so they require a lot less work. And what the heck is up with threading?  That seems like about 20 times more work than is necessary for some simple hair removal.  Seriously.  Does anyone actually DO that?

5)  Be completely honest.  You've at least attempted to twerk at some point, haven't you?
Tried and failed.  I have trouble isolating certain muscles in my body. Especially around my waist.  Which is why I can never be a belly dancer. Well that and my complete inability to dance worth a crap to begin with.

So, not the best list in the world, but I didn't skip out on my post, like I easily could have.  Anyway,a  very happy Friday to you all!  Have a great weekend, and much love!!

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