Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wednesday WIPs

I started the blanket for theonlyboyfriend's family.  Which I will call the "It's gonna work this time, I SWEAR!" blanket.  Because the last one was such a disaster.  Oy.  Anyway I'm a few rows in and I love the pattern and it looks nice.  I had the boy help me pick out colors and I think what we got will work wonderfully!  Whew.

I also started an offensive doily for a gift for some friends getting married this fall.  Not a new one, one of my already made designs.  It's the "Home Sweet F--king Home" one.  I know they'd appreciate it. :)

No photos.  Sorry.  But so I don't leave you with nothing, I made a video of my trip to the vet with theonlycat on Tuesday.  Oh man.  It's always an adventure.  Anyway, please enjoy!  I hope everyone is well, and much love to you!

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