Sunday, April 20, 2014

More purging and spring cleaning!!

We finally got around to cleaning out the garage!  Oh it looks worlds better in there.  Finally got rid of the last of the junk leftover from the previous owners.  (half empty paint cans, rusty oil cans, shelves, etc.  That felt SO nice.  And got some cleaning done around the house too.  Nothing major, just a little.

We went out to the folks' for Easter dinner and family time.  And I was so, SO proud of my mom.  Look at this:

That's an entire Jeep-load of crafting supplies going to the Goodwill!  And that's not all of it.  I took a couple bags to go through and there's been trips before this.  And not just this.  Furniture left the house too!!  Basically emptied out and entire room.  Mom caught the purging bug.  High Five!

Nothing else really big to report at this time.  I'm kinda stuck on organizing videos.  I have a couple small ideas though, so I may get one filmed this coming week.  If you have any ideas, send 'em my way!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and an all over great weekend.  Much love!!!

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