Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Five!

It's Friday once again, and it seems like everyone around me, and myself, are suffering from the evil curse of allergies today.  Good times.  *sniffle*

Well that's not fun Friday talk at all, so let's just move along to this week's list.  (Culled from my usual source)

Attention! Friday Five!

1.  What were the circumstances surrounding your last reception of unwanted attention from strangers?
Um, being outside of the house?  I'm pretty much uncomfortable with any and all interactions with strangers for the most part.  Unless I'm on stage I'm usually fine with being ignored.

2.  How do you feel about being flirted with?
Well I think I'd have to pull my head out of my butt long enough to realize I'm being flirted with in the first place.  I generally have no clue when someone is flirting with me.  Ask me how theonlyboyfriend and I nearly never got together.  Apparently it was obvious to the entire world and not me that he was into me.  I'll take self-esteem problems for $800, Alex!

3.  Who's attention would you like a little more of?
Hmmmm, that's a tough one.  I honestly think I'm good with where I am in that realm.

4.  How's your attention span?
Ah, well it comes and goes.  It's kinda of, HEY SOMETHING SHINY!!!

5.  Who in your life seems to crave the most attention?
Theonlycat.  My god, I can't even take a shower without her 2 inches away.  She sits outside the door and yowls the entire time.  When I'm moving around the house she follows me room to room, crying and crawling around my feet.  If I take a break and give her pets and snuggles, she's fine for all of 8 second then she's whining again.  She's just straight up not happy unless we're laying together on the couch.  Like so.

That's my big tub of love.  She's either there, or trying to lay on my face.

Well that's about it for my list.  I hope you paid *attention*.  Get it?  Attention?  EH?!  Yeah I'll stop.  

I hope everyone is well and had a lovely spring weekend!!! Get some spring cleaning done.  I promise you'll feel great!  Much love.

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