Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Check-In!!

Another good broad list this week to chose from, thankfully.  It's only February and I'm starting to struggle with this!  There are definitely some areas I think could use another purge, but a lot of areas are pared down to the bare essentials already.  In fact, there was one I just could not get this time around.

This week's list is here.  And my purges are here:

A small, small pile indeed.  But better than nothing!!

Monday: Something food-related.  Not photographed.  I clean out my fridge once a week or so and dump things that are expired and toss fruit that looks iffy.

Tuesday: A fashion item.  I have had a real hard time parting with that black skirt there, but it just does not fit.  I had all these plans of cinching it and sewing it, but even then I don't think I'd wear enough to warrant doing so.

Wednesday: Decor item.  Candle.  I had a few that were "decorative" and just gathering dust.  I kept one, but plan to actually light it once in awhile starting tonight.

Thursday. toiletry/ beauty item.  I had 2 half empty bottles of nail polish remover.  I don't even paint my nails.  It can be useful for other things though so I keep some on hand.  I emptied one bottle into the other and threw one away. (There's also a small folding compact/hair brush there that I tossed)

Friday: hardware item.  Why on earth did I own so much coaxial cable?  Why?  I pitched a few lengths of it.

Saturday: something outdoorsy.  That's the one I failed at.  I purged camping stuff and gardening stuff in the fall, so I could not think of anything.  I do have some winter gloves that will be tossed at the end of the season.  They're starting to fall apart, but I don't want to buy a new pair for a month, so I'll hang onto them for a bit longer.

That's all for my purge this week.  Hopefully next week will go better!

Much love!!

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