Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Sneak Peek

We finished painting last night and got everything cleaned up and put back.  For now.  We still need t do some touch ups here and there and repaint the trim.  but we're going to wait on that until we get the countertops replaced.  So please ignore the hideous countertops in the photos.

Told you they were bad.  But we are beyond thrilled with the walls.  The color turned out perfect.

I know I kinda did away with the Sunday check in, but I did get some small purging done last week.  Took another go through my jewelry and accessories.  And a few other things as well.  I have nearly another full tub already!

Well that's it for now, just wanted to give ya'll a sneak peek into the kitchen.  I'm hoping we can get the counters done sooner rather than later.  We just need to shop around and get some quotes.  I hope everyone is well, much love!

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