Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five!!!

It's Friday once again.  And a beautiful day at that.  Sun is shining, temperatures are higher, I got paid today. Aaahhhhhh yes.  So what better way to celebrate than with today's:

Totally Random Friday Five!!

1) What item at the salad bar gets you the most excited?
Um, cheese.  Duh.  And bacon crumbles.  But not the fake crap, like Bac-os.  REAL bacon.  Those fake ones taste like smoke and give me awful heartburn.  Bleh.

2) How do you feel about couples (married or dating) having joint email or Facebook accounts?
It's sad to me when people can't have their own identity outside of their relationship with another person.  It's like folks who have usernames online like "Danasmom" or "Franksgirl!"  I mean, that's awesome you have kids or a husband, but who are YOU?  I'm talking you because I want to talk to YOU.

3) When you first understood the concept of sex, what did you think of it?
I remember this very clearly when my friend told me exactly what happens.  It was a girl in my class I barely knew who had just learned and told me.  I just went "EEEEWWWWW!!!  I am NEVER doing that!!!"  Heh.

4) What did you dissect in high school?
Fetal pigs.  I remember being pretty upset by it since they were technically never born.  Don't get me wrong, I did it and it was actually pretty fascinating to see all those organs right there in front of me.  But it was still unnerving.

5) What character from the Wizard of Oz can you best relate to?
Tin man.  I'm pretty good at shutting down and out everything around me.  I guess I could easily argue the scarecrow too.  I do indeed have a brain, but it's not exactly top quality.

So that's it for my list today.  I realized last night I forgot my Wednesday post again.  And I actually have a couple WIPs going.  Well, fingers crossed for next week.  Have a GREAT weekend!  Much love.

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