Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Check-In

Ok, so I went through my purge list for this week on 365lessthings and purged more items from my house.  I did not get a photo though, as I took everything to thrift, or dumped in the trash yesterday and kinda forgot.  Sorry.  (Here is this week's list)  It was a good list because it was pretty broad.  I like that, it makes it easier for me to find things to purge.  Some of the more specific things I just don't have.

I substituted for a couple of the items on the list, but either way I got rid of a lot more stuff and it felt great.

Monday - glassware.  I have some blown glass unicorns I got when I was a little girl.  They've just been collecting dust, so I put them up on Freecycle.  So they're not really gone yet per se, but they're earmarked to go out as soon as they find a good home.

Tuesday- Clothing.  Easy as always.  I pulled about 4 or 5 more things form my closet and also threw away a few old worn out bras.

Wednesday - Jewelry.  This one I did not stick to.  I do have a few jewelry items that I need to take to a "We buy gold" place, but haven't had a chance yet.  In it's place we cleaned out our office this morning.  Theonlyboyfriend filled a couple trash backs with crap.

Thursday - Video/CD/media.  Well, I cleaned out my digital photos on my laptop and deleted a lot of duplicates and random photos of nothing special.  Remember, digital clutter is still clutter!!.

Friday - Crockery.  I kinda substituted this one too.  I had an old dish drainer and mat under the sink that I forgot I had.  It was....moldy.  Like just straight up disgusting.  And I have another anyway, so into the dumpster it went.

Saturday - Book.  I took several over to my mom for her to borrow while she was recovering from foot surgery.  There are two I told her I don't want back.

So there's my list for the week.  Whew!!  I also purged weeks of mud, dirt and grime from my kitchen yesterday.  And a lot of dust and crud from the carpets.  Hah!  I hope everyone is well!!  Much love and happy de-cluttering!!

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