Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Check-In

Ok, it's check in time again for the 365 less things!!  This weeks purge list is here.

Monday: Something that is too hard to use
Tuesday: Something too hard to get to
Wednesday: Something that is too hard to clean
Thursday: Something that require assembly
Friday: Something to make things from scratch
Saturday: Something you thought would be useful but is not

Ok, so I kinda failed already.  I could only come up with things for 4 of the days.  HOWEVER, I have a massive tub of crap going to thrift anyway so I kinda won anyway.

So here's my items for the week

I have a VCR for Monday, too hard to use.  It's actually easy, but finding the cords to actually hook this thing up to a TV and play a tape... I don't really have any tapes left anyway!!  I have an old bike rack for Thursday, requires assembly.  It needs special nuts and bolts I do not have.  And a friend gave me a nicer one anyway.  I have a Quesadilla maker for Friday, to makes things from scratch.  I haven't used that thing in years and since we eat healthier at home now, we don't make quesadillas anymore.  And lastly a bill sorter for Saturday, something I thought would be useful but isn't.  I actually did use it for awhile years back, but I do all my bills electronically now.  I thought I'd find another use for it some day, but never did.  It's too big and clunky.  

So there's my declutter for this week.  I hope your decluttering is going well too!!  Much love!

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