Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five!!!

Aw yeah!  Friday once again.  The sun is out, YAY!  The snow is melting, BOO! and I got paid today.  Life is good.  So why not do a list?  Wow, that was a terrible segue.

So yeah with that, here is today's:

Family Friendly Friday Five!!

1) In what good ways are you like your father?
Budgeting and financial responsibility.  It's sick.  I have a record of every single penny I have spent and where it went since 2001.  That is overkill, I know.  But I am so anal-retentive about my money it's almost frightening.  I'm not a Scrooge, I spend freely.  But I monitor every.  Single.  Cent.

2) In what good ways are you like your mother?
I like to think I'm kind and caring.  My mom is one of the kindest and gentlest souls I know.  She's also always challenged me to see more than one side of things.  I think that's a lot of why I'm so open minded.

3) In what good ways are you like your sibling(s)
No matter how irritating I can be, and my god can I be irritating, people still seem to like me.  It's baffling.

4) In what good ways are you like another relative outside of your immediate family?
This is kinda difficult.  I have a pretty small extended family, and I sadly don't know any of the REALLY well.  We're all kinda scattered around the state and country.  I do have a cousin who seems to be really attracted to the outdoors and adventure.  I also have a relative in another state who seems to be pretty musically talented.

5) In what good ways are you completely unlike anyone you're related to?
This is a set up.  I know it.  Whatever I say means that the rest of my family is bad.  I can say the one thing about me that is totally different than the rest of my entire family, but is neither good nor bad; would be political leanings.  No one is right or wrong or good or bad with this one.  And we're just gonna leave that right where it is and end this answer.

All in all, I have the most amazing family and I love every single one of them dearly.  I'm proud to be anything like any of them.

That's it for my list today.  I truly hope everyone is well.  So, so much love and happy Friday!!

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  1. I like your Friday Fives. Gives us all a little sneaky peek into who you are. I don't think I am like any of my family! Well maybe my Grandma on my dad's side. She was very God centered, loved to garden, loved to quilt, loved to volunteer, loved to cook. Other than that, I can't think of anyone :) Guess I'm unique.