Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Five!

Feeling a little better every day.  I'd probably feel even better if I could get some sleep.  I haven't slept a night in a week now.  Bleh.  All this not sleeping is making me hungry.  Which brings me to today's:

Snacky Friday Five!

1)  Do you snack?
Um, duh.  I just had a snack actually.  And I'm already thinking about my next one.  Mmmmm snack.

2) Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?

3) What one snack can you not resist?
Cheese.  Or anything containing cheese or with cheese on it.  Or in it. Or near it. Cheese.

4) What one snack do you refuse to try?
Are sardines a snack?  Seriously, fish in a can just sounds like a recipe for all night vomiting.  And possibly leprosy. in a can.

5) Do you tend to snack more by yourself or around other people?
By myself really.  When left to my own devices the first thing I usually do is eat.  If I'm around people I'm usually too involved in whatever we're doing to think much about food.  Oh who the hell am I kidding I'm always thinking about food.

Ok I'm gonna go find a snack.  Hope you all are staying warm cozy.  Much love!!

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