Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday WIPs!

I almost forgot.  I lost track of days.  We had an unexpected day off work yesterday, but not from the record low temperatures.  (It was -40F windchills here in Ohio yesterday)  There was a MASSIVE watermain break downtown Monday afternoon.  They even evacuated our building towards the end of the day.  (It was right when I was leaving for the day anyway)  But they could not reopen the building yesterday as there was no water.  Here's some photos I took and a couple from the news:

The street literally buckled up and split open!!!

It looked like Venice for awhile!!

Anyway everything was back to normal today.  Well aside from no coffee, since the boil alert went into the afternoon.

So I started a WIP, finally!  But I've only gotten maybe 2 rows, so it's pointless to take photos right now.  I'm doing the same pattern as my pretty black and white scarf I just made:

Only I'm doing it with some Chroma in black and "lollipop."

Soooo pretty.  I'm hoping it'll have a stained glass look to it.  We'll see.

So that's it for me right now.  Getting back into the groove of things after the holidays is always though, but I'm getting there.  And looking forward to all sorts of fun projects for 2014!!  I hope everyone is well and recuperating from their holidays smoothly.  Much love!!!

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