Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Catch Up

I don't really have any crochet WIPs right now, except the vest, which is sitting sadly neglected.  :(  However I do have several on the horizon, but I'm not starting them just yet.  The Ravellenic Games, formerly know as Ravelympics are starting in a couple weeks so I want to wait for that to do my projects.  But man, oh man do I have a couple REALLY cool things in store there.  I'll definitely post my WIPs during the games.  (If you're not familiar with this, lots of folks who are on the Ravelry website form teams and make projects during the Olympic games and have little contests, etc.  I'll go into more details when they start)

But I do have a LOT going on right now, so let me bring you up to speed.  (And maybe you'll see why I've been so crappy about posting)

- My improv group has a show opening next weekend, so we've been rehearsing a couple nights a week.  Next week is tech week so we'll be there every night.

-Our big annual Leadership Conference at work is next week.  I'm performing during the main conference in front of everyone.  I'd say 200-300 people.  Co-workers.  Gulp.  Plus we have a big awards banquet and I was nominated for associate of the year.  Eep!!

- I'm on a script reading committee and have to read a lot of full length scripts.  I'm having trouble finding time for this.

-I've got like 2 or 3 really good books I'm in the middle of too!!!

All this on top of my housekeeping and home organizing ventures, getting in 45 minutes of workout a day, and trying to stay awake later than 8:30!!.  Next week will be the apex of it all with the conference and tech week.  So the week following should be a bit quieter.  Whew.

So that's where I'm at night now.  Oh and I was also asked to take a seat on two committees at church.  Thankfully nothing gets started there until next month.  Man just typing all that makes me want to go to bed.  Speaking of.....  Good night!!  Sorry to cut this short, but I am whooped and I gotta do the dishes and a few other chores before passing out.  Much love!!

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