Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Check-In

Ok, so I'd mentioned before I'm trying to follow the blog 365 Less Things this year, to the letter.  If I can.  I was thinking I might check in on Sundays with how I did over the last week.  So, here goes nuthin'!

The post with this week's mission is here.  But here's the breakdown:

Monday: something made of wood
Tuesday: something made from fabric
Wednesday: something made from glass or china
Thursday: Something with wiring in it or on it
Friday: Something made from plastic
Saturday: Something metallic.

Ok, so here's my haul:

Wood, I have some old shelves.  Fabric; clothes.  Glass; some old vases.  Wiring; inside the cup is a plastic bag with some jewelry in it.  (The blog did suggest jewelry for this category.) Plastic; some old plastic cups.  And metallic; there's some old metal-ish picture frames.

Ta-Da!!  I actually have a lot more stuff going to thrift, too besides just these items.  But there ya go!  My purge for the week.

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  1. Hmm. That sounds like an interesting idea! May have to try this as well!