Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Five!!!

Last day before my vacation.  Oh yes.  Although it will be a stressful and not very relaxing vacation, so I'm honestly looking forward to coming back to work on the 31st.  I'd planned to do a Christmas themed list today, but I can't really think of one and I'm not quite in the spirit yet.  So I'll just go back to one of my usual sources for a generic list.  So let's plant the seed for today's:

Seedy Friday Five!!

1) When did you last have sunflower seeds?
Hmmm.  A week or so ago on a salad.  I used to HATE the idea of seeds or nuts on a salad.  I'm still not sold on nuts, but sunflower seeds are great!  Especially when you get the end of the salad and there's nothing left but some dressing, cheese and sunflowers seeds.  Mmmmmm.

2) What do you think of sipping coconut milk through a straw, right from a fresh coconut?
I'd rather sip battery acid.

3) When did you most recently consume some kind of seed?
I had a chocolate covered strawberry the other day.  I guess then.  Funny though, I had a friend in college who refused to eat strawberries because the seeds on the outside wigged her out too bad.  Heh.

4) What is the seediest nearby neighborhood like?
Well I'm smack between Old Towne and The Bottoms.  But The Bottoms scares me more.  Columbus really doesn't have a true "ghetto" and our bad areas are Disneyland compared to bad areas of bigger cities.  I'll walk through our bad neighborhoods during the day.  Harlem?  Not if you paid me.  Honestly the really wealthy neighborhoods around here skeeve me out more.

5) When did you last plant metaphorical seeds, and has there been germination?
A few weeks ago when I started hinting at things I wanted for Christmas.  :D  No idea if they've germinated but I'll find out next week!!

So that's it here.  I don't know how much posting will get done over the next couple weeks with vacations and holidays, but we'll see.  I plan to try to get another organizing video filmed soon.  I just need to settle on what to do.

I hope everyone is well.  Much love!

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