Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Five!!!

It's been awhile since I've done one of these. I'm pulling my list from a different site* today because it looked kinda fun.  I always get a little nostalgic in December so it seemed appropriate.

So without further ado, here is today's.... Memory Lane Friday Five.

1) If you could do one thing every day that makes you happy, what would it be?
Nap.  Napping is just the most wonderful thing in the world to me.  I love and cherish a good nap.  With the cat of course.

2) What is the one memory that stands out above all the others?
Huh.  I can't think of any one.  I always have random weird memories for a day or so of something completely benign.  Like these overalls I had when I was 4 and the day I decided I hated overalls.  Or finding my first sore from chicken pox.

3) What is your ultimate comfort food?
Grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.  And bacon, of course.  Crap.  Now I want this....

4) Do you still have a possession from your childhood that you keep for comfort and/or sentimental reasons?
Well, I have some of my stuffed animals but they're very much in a giant Rubbermaid bin in the basement.  I don't really keep things except photos and I don't even look at those that often.  I'm not much for having physical things for sentimental reasons.  I mean I have a few things and there, but they're just things.  I hold my memories and feelings much more dearly than objects.

5) Do you or your family have special Heirlooms or hand-me-downs?
Sure.  I mean we have things like my grandmother's china, some stuff my grandpa had in the war, random things like that.  There's no one big thing though that's like THE heirloom or anything, though.  That I know of anyway.

So that's all for my list.  That was kinda fun. This time of year always gets me feeling all sentimental with the family and memories and things like that.  I hope you have some good memories to keep you warm and make you smile.  Much love!!

Friday Five

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